Dr. Jan is just tops in my book. I breed Beagles and my dogs range from conformation or performance dogs to retired house pets. Dr. Jan first helped one of my dogs who managed to strain his neck and shoulder while playing with others. She was responsive, rapidly identified the issues and set out a course of treatment that was both reasonable and relieved the dog’s discomfort immediately and with little need for long term treatment such as anti-inflamatories that other vets had suggested. Another dog had severe impairment in his hind limbs and was unable to walk normally. After diagnosis it was determined that he probably had a disc issue in his spine. The options were an expensive surgery that would take a long time to recover from, or alternative treatment with accupuncture, laser therapy and physical therapy. We opted for the alternative treatment and Cobb improved with every treatment. I am so grateful that we have an option other than invasive spinal surgery for this little, stoic man. I cannot recommend Dr. Jan enough. Her approach gives you options other than invasive surgery that is hard on everyone involved, plus she’s a great diagnostician who truly cares about her patients. She goes above and beyond to call of duty to ensure she’s giving the best diagnosis and treatment possible. If you hear the word “surgery”, call Dr. Jan for a second opinion – she’s not kidding, she really CAN help!

– Barb F –

WOW!! After taking Bullet out to Dr Jan for the full treatment for his back owies, all I can say is WOW! Got him home (after an hour and a half of crate rest on the drive back) and he came inside prancing with his tail straight up!! I was amazed. He was like a new dog. Too much so as a matter of fact because shortly after arriving home someone knocked on the door and he raced across the house leaped up on the living room couch into the bay window to bark (or is that “bay”) at the arrival. Silly boy! So now of course I’m going to have to watch him closely for the next few days to keep him from reinjuring his back. But it is so nice to see him out of pain and like his bubbly self. It was terrible watching him with his head and tail down and walking carefully from room to room even with the pain meds on board and yelping when touched. Dr. Jan has amazing hands. He got a full treatent (manipulation, acpuncture, and laser) and the difference is amazing. I have to thank her for seeing him so quickly, even though she had family arriving from out of town later in the day! Looks like he’s on his way to a full recovery.

– Ellen H –

Dr. Jan is awesome! Our dog was having back and joint problems, difficulty with standing. Dr. Jan has helped her get a new lease on life. We have seen her every other week for 3 months and the improvement is obvious. In addition to Accupuncture, laser, massage and exercises, Dr Jan has also coached us on a specific diet and supplements for our girl. Highly recommend.

Update: we’ve been seeing Dr Weiher for over 3 years now and I can tell a noticeable improvement with our dog, not only with the treatments but also because of the general health advice she gives me at appointments.


– Sarah S –

Dr Jan has worked on my agility dog a couple of times now and I am impressed with her thoroughness and patience. She has many tools in addition to her gentle hands and I am well pleased with the results I am seeing! 
Recently my 8 year old agility puggle jumped off my bed and screamed when she landed. She was in so much pain she was trembling. Hard. I took her to my local vet who took a few X-rays, gave me some novox and tramadol and sent me on my way. My dog was still shaking in pain! It was hard to think maybe our agility days were over but harder yet to watch my poor little dog in a lot of pain. Dr. Jan worked on her for about a half an hour the next day. . . Then she stood up and said “I think that may be resolved.” And it was. Puggle was so grateful and so was I !! Most of our vets these days don’t even put their hands on your dog. This vet knows what she is feeling and is a tremendous resource for lameness and orthopedic pain. Thank you Dr. Jan!!.


– Marcie S –

Dr. Jan is absolutely an amazing vet! My dog has had a history of back pain, and while a lot of vets would have tried to solve the problem all thru medication or costly and painful surgery, Dr. Jan took a truly integrative approach, combining VOM spinal adjustment, acupuncture and some short-term medication to get my dog back to her normal self. After each VOM treatment, my dog would always feel much better after seeing Dr. Jan! I have always been super impressed by Dr. Jan’s focus on finding the right, personalized care, educating me on how achieve optimal health for my dog, and treating not just the symptoms of my dog’s ailments but the underlying cause. I have known Dr. Jan for 8 years and would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Paul F –

I met Jan about a year through a friend of mine and found out about her special way of treating and healing of pets. When our boxer/pit mixed decided to jump on the trampoline with the kids it didn’t turn out very well. He injured himself trying to jump off and was in severe pain. Didn’t want to be touch or moved and would cry out when you would try. I called Jan who had been out all day traveling and competing and felt very bad about having to bother her but I knew something had to be done. She came by with her magic and equipment and almost right away he began to improve. A day or so later he was back in action. My family and kids appreciate her very much.



Dr Jan has become a gift to me and Merlin who has hip and joint pain as a large Aussie. Merlin melts under Jan’s calm and gentle hands.

– Jackie C –

Dr. Jan took the time for a follow up call to give me tips for my aging, arthritic farm dog. Her approach is practical, compassionate, and flexible.



Northern Virginia you are fortunate to have this exceptional Veterinarian!!!

– Tracie J –

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