What I Offer

Mobile veterinary services offer convenience as well as reduced stress for both dog and human! If your dog is very large or his mobility makes it difficult to get him into the car, you will appreciate this service even more. As an added benefit, I’ll be able to see exactly what limitations or issues your dog is having in his own home environment.

After performing a thorough orthopedic exam, I will present an individualized treatment plan and perform needed treatments. I will then show you “homework” exercises to do with your dog which will help to increase his strength and coordination.

Expect the first visit to last about an hour and a half. Follow-up visits are often necessary to achieve the full benefit of therapy.


A safe and effective means of treating or relieving pain.

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Physical rehabilitation, adapts human physical therapy techniques.

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A treatment that utilizes wavelengths to help accelerate healing.

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Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is similar to chiropractic.

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Focuses on releasing muscular shortness, tightness and spasms.

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