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Led by Dr. Jan Weiher, VMD, CVA, CCRT, CVCP

Licensed Veterinarian

Dr. Jan has been actively involved in dog sports since 1993. She began with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, then competing with Beagles over the last 15 years. She has competed in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, tracking, retriever hunt tests, and beagle field trials, and is an AKC agility judge.


Is your dog slowing down or reluctant to go for a walk?

…Does he hesitate before jumping on the couch?
…Is she intolerant of prescribed pain meds, or perhaps you just don’t like using them?
…Has surgery been recommended and you’re wondering if there are other options?
…Has he already had surgery but he’s not recovering as well as you’d expected?
If so, I can help! With techniques such as holistic veterinary services, acupuncture, laser therapy and rehabilitation, I can improve your dog’s mobility and quality of life.

Do you have a competition dog that is having some performance issues?

Is your agility dog knocking bars or popping weaves?
…Does your obedience dog have a crooked sit or is refusing to jump?
…Is your conformation dog’s topline a little off, or is he resistant to stack?

If this sounds all too familiar, I can help!  Imperfect performance could be due to a physical problem, and not necessarily a training issue. During a sports evaluation & treatment, I will assess for areas of possible physical dysfunction, then address accordingly with holistic veterinary services or acupuncture, to help maximize performance.

Northern Virginia you are fortunate to have this exceptional Veterinarian!!!

Tracie J
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